Kruma Kedar


Art, Writings, Legacy


Kruma Kedar was born in Irishtown, Basseterre, St. Kitts. A gifted artist with a rough childhood, Kedar began painting by age 8. Through out his life Kruma has been an avid reader and student of theology, compiling notes on all major religions and various schools of thought. He immigrated to the USVI where he began writing poetry, and was introduced to Rastafari.

By early adulthood, age 21, Kedar had left college after 3 years, became an EMT in St. Thomas while continuing to paint and raise children. After his first divorce and 5 children, at age 36 Kruma was remarried, moved to North Carolina with his second wife, and began driving 18 wheelers across the 48 contiguous states, where he’d listen to hundreds of books on tape.

By 1999, the artist had accumulated an entirely new collection of art and poetry and resigned from his position as a commercial truck driver to be closer to his recently paralyzed 3rd born child, who passed away in 2004; Imhotep Tafari Kedar. By 2006 Kruma had a near death experience while burying cable, cracked skull, broken jaw, cheek bone, eye orbit, and left arm.

Still, Kedar did not give up. He continued to paint while injured, successfully having his first official art show by 2007 with Artful Greetings LLC and releasing his first book, “The Little Book to be Eaten (with a grain of salt).”

In 2019 Kruma was diagnosed with lung cancer, which progressed to stage 4 by 2020. He is now based in Florida, undergoing chemotherapy monthly, while working closely with his youngest son, Menes Kedar, to create his final works of art.

Early on

My father began painting as a child in Basseterre, St. Kitts. He was commissioned early on and selling works he painted on found objects. Overtime he took on many trades; Emergency Medical Technician in the USVI, Truck Driver, Construction, and many other odd jobs supporting a family of 5. Kruma created a series of paintings spanning the last 20 years that cover topics from Sacred Geometry to Black History.


In 2017 Kruma was diagnosed with COPD, which eventually became Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Unable to work due to high-risk status in the COVID-19 Epidemic, this truly highlights the plight of individuals in America and all over the world. This site is designed to aid financially in the process of treatments and the delivery of my father’s final legacy, or gift to the world.